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WAVEFORM MONITOR SOFTWARE Tektronix WFMNLE: For nonlinear editing systems; features software based plug-in waveform monitor for Avid Media Composer Adrenaline,
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Tektronix WFMNLE: For nonlinear editing systems; features software based plug-in waveform monitor for Avid Media Composer Adrenaline, Media Composer, Symphony and Xpress Pro; AlarmVu display provides summary view of any component or composite limit violations that might jeopardize content and lead to rejection of material intended for broadcast; error log provides proof of compliant material; easy set up of limits to trigger alarm violations.
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Sony Europe operation manuals: Browse through more than 2500 PDF files online; manuals are featured in multiple languages and cover 1780 different models; access info either from the relevant product information page for current models or by searching for the required product in the support section; download manuals after completing online registration.
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JVC GY-DV5100E: Uses a 24-bit digital signal processor; produces details and colors in both shaded and highlighted areas; uses an integral 12-bit analog-to-digital converter; features three user-selectable settings for contour frequency; offers a single-line read-out “High Res Frame Mode.”
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Sachtler ENG 75/2 D: Is combined with the DV 4 II or DV 2 II fluid heads; features the Touch & Go camera plate that lets operators change between tripod and shoulder shooting in seconds; use with MiniDV camcorders 2.2lb or more; DV 4 II has a maximum payload of 16.3lb; DV 2 II has a maximum payload of 7.9lb.
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Apple Xsan: Is a 64-bit cluster file system for Mac OS X; share files and volumes up to 16TB on a high-speed Fibre Channel network; up to 64 users can simultaneously access a single storage volume that supports multiple high-bandwidth video streams; users can theoretically achieve throughput of up to 400Mb/s.
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Blackmagic Design v2.0 for Workgroup Videohub: Features real-time HD to SD downconversion and RGBA keying frame store for test signal generation and logo keying; includes port locking, allowing protection from inadvertent user switching; supports full Unicode double byte router labels on both Windows and Mac OS X platforms.
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Incite Editor 3.3: Optimizes Incite's network-based production workflow; includes a streamlined handling of audio mixer configurations, audio scrubbing and full duplex voice over; features “render immediately” intelligence to improve background rendering for software-based effects; has better support for file monitoring in SAN environments; officially supports certified NAS solutions.
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Mohawk Master Catalog: Available in print and CD-ROM; contains more than 65 pages of updated cable solutions; includes detailed descriptions, specifications, color photographs, cross-sectional drawings and part numbers; separated by product lines; technical section provides color charts, insulation listings, performance charts and detailed installation guides for copper and fiber.


Panasonic AJ-HDX400: Features three 2/3in one-million pixel IT progressive CCDs to produce a high sensitivity of F10 at 2000 lux, low-light shooting down to 0.008 lux (at +68dB), and ultra-sensitive recording up to 74dB in digital super gain mode; is equipped with 12-bit A/D DSP circuits; uses DVCPRO HD-LP 9-micron recording to record 33 minutes on a DVCPRO medium-size cassette; records 48kHz/16-bit digital audio on all four channels.
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Leitch X75HD: Combines up-, down- and cross-conversion, as well as HD frame sync and video and audio processing capabilities, in 1RU; include level/color control; has an optional 3-D adaptive color decoding with time base correction and optional noise reduction; features 16 channels of internal audio processing; embeds and de-embeds for SDI and HD-SDI serial digital signals.
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Thomson Grass Valley Kayak HD 2/ME: Is 4RU and highly portable; supports 1080i and 720p HD production; has up to 48 inputs, four high-quality keyers per M/E and up to 24 outputs; is SD/HD switchable, supporting both SDI 525 and 625 format; internal RAM recorder records and plays uncompressed stills and clips.
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Radiant Communications DL-227: Auto negotiate various transmission speeds, including 10-, 100- and 1000Mb/s; transmits data up to 1Gb/s; operates in full duplex mode; meets IEEE standard 802.3z/ab requirements; can automatically configure MDI crossover.


Pixelmetrix DVStation v4.7: Supports the requirements of DVB-H for delivery of television to handheld devices; has special provisions for power control and additional system information and management facilities needed for portable devices; supports both DVB SSU Update Notification Table (UNT) per TS 102 006, and DVB IP/MAC Notification Table (INT) per EN 301 192.
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Sony Anycast Station: Includes six-channel video switcher, with DV/composite/S-video/RGB inputs; has a six-channel audio mixer; use both video and PC content as source material; features an LCD display monitor; has built-in Web streaming functionality and VISCA camera control; record to external hard disks.
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