New Ikegami camera supports super slow motion functionality

Ikegami's HDL-40HS

Ikegami has introduced the HDL-40HS compact, one-piece camera that makes full- resolution super slow-motion for HDTV a reality.

Equipped with Ikegami’s CMOS sensors, the HDL-40HS brings super slow-motion capabilities to all HD productions. Super SloMo has been one of the links to the full-fledged sports production that was previously unavailable in HD.

The HDL-40HS uses Ikegami’s full-resolution complimentary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) sensors operating at 120 frames per second capture rate and sampling at 1280x720.

A 720/120p scan via dual link HD SDI supplies the high frame rate needed, sending it to the server for slow-motion replay, while standard 720p out is available for live use. The HDL-40HS can also operate at 1080/60p.

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