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New AmberFin line addresses wider market

At IBC 2012, on stand 7.J39, AmberFinwill announce the introduction of groups of new competitively priced file-based media ingest, transcode and playback products that enable the digitization and transformation of new and archived media content. 

Developed by the same expert team of software engineers responsible for all of the current AmberFin iCR portfolio, these new application-specific products focus on industry-standard workflows and requirements.

Apart from their competitive price tags, these new products are characteristic in every other sense of AmberFin’s philosophy with the same support packages and clear upgrade paths as any other iCR product.

The new AmberFin iCR additions comprise the following targeted products:

• AS11 & DPP
iCR-100 DPP Transcoder, iCR-300-DPP Ingest Station
Ingest & transcode to AS11 workflows in general and metadata support for the Digital Production Partnership.

iCR-100-XDCAM Transcoder & iCR-300-XDCAM Ingest Station
Ingest & transcode to the most popular MPEG2 XDCAM & IMX formats

• File preparation & playback
iCR-200-PLY Player/Preparation Station & iCR-200-VTR Player / Tape Layback Station
Best of breed playback, QC review, annotation & metadata entry or tape layback for a wide range of codecs and wrappers.

• PROXY video
iCR-100-PROXY Transcoder
A file-based proxy (lo-res) generator.

• MXF AS-12
iCR-500 AS-12 Workstation
A fully featured PC workstation for the creation and preparation of MXF-AS12 compliant deliverables, especially the creation of AS-12 commercials.