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New 3D Camera Test Chart Said to ‘Reduce 3D Headaches’

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO: DSC Labs says it’s bringing out a 3D camera test chart that will reduce the deleterious side effects sometimes brought on by looking too long at 3D video images. The 3DZ chart is said to “rapidly identify setup errors in 3D production potentially diminishing eyestrain, headaches and nausea associated with viewing inaccurately aligned 3D images.”

“3D viewing can be an exciting and pleasurable experience when cameras and projection systems are set up accurately. However, misaligned rigs could be responsible not only for contributing to health issues, but also for giving 3D a bad image,” DSC Labs President David Corely said. “While DSC’s ChromaDuMonde and other charts enable precision alignment of color, grayscale and resolution in the X/Y coordinates, the 3-DZ adds the missing third, or Z, dimension that is so vital in stereo imaging.”

DSC says the 3-DZ chart “consists of five LED lights with adjustable brightness for daylight and studio settings.” The four corner lights provide frame alignment, while the one in the center can be used to set interocular distance and convergence. The center LED is adjustable from chart plane to 12 inches in front of the chart surface. There are also horizontal and vertical indices in 100th image width increments.

DSC Labs will have their new 3-DZ chart on display at 2011 NAB in Las Vegas, April 11-14.