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Ness Technologies announces version 5.0 of iRights

Ness Technologies, a UK-based provider of IT solutions and services, has announced version 5.0 of iRights — a rights contract management system for broadcasters, publishers, film makers, mobile operators and content providers and aggregators.

The company said this new release represents a significant extension to the product that will benefit all users of iRights who want to seamlessly integrate their rights contract and royalty processing.

iRights stores rights and royalties information of any complexity in a way that is easy to enter and retrieve. It enables users to see at a glance whether rights for an asset are “cleared,” and if not, why. Users can establish rights clearances within seconds for any combination of footage, stills, music and text.

In iRights version 5.0, the contract creation functionality enables the user to describe rights and royalty schedules as well as the legal text. Users can now create contracts and build their royalty portfolio in one step. The resulting contract is automatically created as an image file for printing and storage.

Version 5.0 also includes a new integrated payment calculator that makes real time contractual payments for every event in the life cycle of a contract. Whether it is a signature payment or a repeat transmission, iRights analyses the contract details in order to make the correct payments to the correct organization or individual.

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