NBC News to debut newsroom of the future

After six months of construction, NBC News is ready to begin broadcasting on Oct. 22 from new facilities within 30 Rockefeller Center in New York City.

“It is, quite literally, the newsroom of the future — home to a news division that is unparalleled in terms of talent, technology and real estate,” said Jeff Zucker, NBC Universal’s president and CEO.

The new facility combines the East Coast operations of NBC News and MSNBC under one roof and begins broadcasting from the newly-renovated Studios 3A and 3C on the third and fourth floors of 30 Rockefeller Plaza in Manhattan.

The network said the 8500sq-ft complex has more than 200 miles of new cable, 280 HD monitors, six HD projectors and a motorized anchor platform on a 50ft track. Studio 3A also features a 31ft aerial catwalk for unique studio camera angles.

“All of NBC News’ home base of operations is finally where it should be — under one roof,” said NBC News president Steve Capus. More than 12.5 hours of live television across NBC News and MSNBC will originate from the two studios daily.

The renovation project began in February 2007 and will be fully completed by 2008. When finished, it will also be home to “Dateline NBC,” Peacock Productions, NBC News educational initiatives iCue and Channel One, NBC News Radio and NBC News2Go.