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MultiDyne unveils new fiber transport and distribution system

An example application of MultiDyne’s new fiber optic transport and distribution technology. To view a larger version of this image, click here.

MultiDyne has developed solutions for the transport and distribution of uncompressed video, audio and data over fiber.

The company’s new technology simplifies the architecture of a fiber optic network, reduces equipment costs, simplifies design and maintains uncompressed, digital, broadcast quality video from end to end.

The MultiDyne patent-pending fiber transport system reduces the equipment required at the central node from eight to 10-rack units to one or two. As in the transitional system, a fiber head is used at the source location to encode the video, audio and data onto one fiber. At the central location or node the 16 fiber optic receivers and two TDMs are combined into one device call the Fiber Hub. The Fiber Hub supports up to 16 fiber optic inputs from up to 16 video fiber head units. The Fiber Hub unit has one high-speed fiber optic output for the main fiber trunk.

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