Motorola Mobility powers new nationwide digital cable network in Malaysia

Motorola Mobility will provide the Asian Broadcasting Network (ABN) with the equipment and services to launch an advanced digital cable TV network in Malaysia in the second quarter of 2012. Within the next five years, the new network will give six million households access to more than 200 channels of news, education, entertainment, movies, sports and local programming.

Motorola technology will enable ABN to also support future services such as video-on-demand, social TV and interactive gaming, alongside high-speed Internet and voice services, establishing ABN as a true triple-play provider.

As the main technology provider, Motorola Mobility will provide ABN the digital headend, the set-top boxes, broadband access equipment and design services necessary to build the advanced Hybrid Fibre-Coax (HFC) network for triple-play services in Malaysia. The digital headend includes the complete chain of satellite receivers, MPEG-4 encoders and storage systems. HFC combines optical fiber and coaxial cabling as the vehicle for content to be delivered to households.