Morris Performing Arts Center brings video to theater marquee

LED video and message display technologies have been installed at the Morris Performing Arts Center’s theater marquee in South Bend, IN. Chaser and search lights surround the displays of the marquee, which was designed by Wagner Electric Sign Company of Elyria, OH, and was funded through community donations.

The front of the marquee includes a Daktronics ProAd display, which shows recorded video, colorful animation and vivid graphics. The full-color LED display measures approximately 3ft, 7in x 39ft, 7in wide. Two Galaxy LED displays are located on both sides of the ProAd display. The displays measure approximately 3ft, 8in high x 10ft, 11in wide and offer complete text, graphics and animation capabilities.

The ProAd and Galaxy displays use RGB LED technology to present images and information with wide-angle visibility and incredible brightness both day and night.

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