Miranda set to acquire VertigoXmedia broadcast division

Miranda is bolstering its core playout branding products via acquisition of privately held VertigoXmedia and its broadcast division. VertigoXmedia is a Montréal-based maker of graphics automation software and systems.

The transaction would allow Miranda to add a suite of software workflow and graphics capabilities to its existing playout branding products. In addition, the VertigoXmedia graphics platform, a powerful solution for the automated presentation of live graphics, would provide Miranda with a new product range for production environments.

VertigoXmedia has been in the broadcast and digital signage businesses for nearly 10 years, operating predominantly in North America. For the past three years, the company’s broadcast division has experienced an annual growth rate of approximately 20 percent, with gross margins over 60 percent. Another VertigoXmedia division, focused on the digital signage marketplace, is not part of the transaction.

For more information, visit www.miranda.com and www.vertigoxmedia.com/prod_producer.asp.

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