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Microsoft Production Studios

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Diversified Systems completed an upgrade for Microsoft Production Studios (MSPS) in Redmond, WA. The project expands the existing phase, control room and distribution systems to enable 1080p60 HD multiformat production. The systems are designed around 3Gig progressive video formats, thus completing Microsoft's migration to a fully file-based workflow.

The HD upgrade is part of a multiphase series of projects. In this phase, the production control room was outfitted with a Sony MVS-8000X switcher, NEC S461 monitors driven by Miranda multiviewers and Sony PVM-2541 OLED monitors. Surround and stereo audio mixing employs live mixing consoles and Pro Tools for DAW editing and sweetening.

The technical center was updated with Evertz 5601MSC redundant sync generators, EVS XSDPH 3Gig video servers connected to the DataDirect Networks SAN, an Avocent HMX KVM matrix feeding into an Ensemble Designs BrightEye Mittos for 1080p screen captures, a Miranda NVISION FR8576 router, and Miranda terminal equipment. Additional services are enabled by the new Sony cameras, configured for use throughout the Microsoft campus and carried over a fiber-enabled network of bi-directional signal transports and control systems.

One key update involved outfitting the entire infrastructure to use high-resolution video and computer systems, provisioned through a centralized video monitoring system comprised of 3G screen-capture equipment. The facility now links and enables a full file-based workflow over GigE and Fibre Channel to numerous editing suites, the DDN SAN and an LTO-tape-based archive.

The design and implementation was completed in nine months while production operations continued. The facility now provides studio, editorial and related production services to clients needing full-service production/post-production, transmission and distribution services.