Matrox Graphics to offer graphics card solutions digital signage

Montreal-based Matrox Graphics., a manufacturer of professional graphics solutions, is now offering its graphics card solutions for public information display and digital signage markets. The company’s offerings include:

  • Matrox QID, a compact, AGP-based, custom 6.5in graphics card equipped with Matrox's multi-display feature-set including customizable unattended install, second generation Matrox MultiDesk (MMD), Matrox Multi-Pivot/Portrait, and Matrox Multi TV out.
  • Matrox QID Pro, a PCI-based card equipped with Matrox MultiDesk (MMD) and Matrox Multi-Pivot/Portrait, offers support for OpenGL-driven applications and includes 256MB of onboard memory.
  • Matrox QID Low-profile PCI, a half-length 128MB card that supports Matrox's quad digital and analog feature-set such as customizable unattended install, second-generation Matrox MultiDesk (MMD) and Matrox Multi-Pivot/Portrait. The QID Low-profile PCI also features a KX 20 connector to quad DVI-I with four DVI-VGA adaptors.

The Matrox QID family of products offers display resolutions up to 1600x1200 and is specifically designed to provide multi-screen support for active public information displays.

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