Live video from the 2004 Olympics streamed in Israel with Optibase

Optibase's MGW 2000e MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 streaming platform was used to enable Israeli commercial broadcasters, Channel 2 and Channel 10, to deliver live video programming from the 2004 Olympics to subscribers' home PCs.

By using Optibase's streaming solution, the broadcasters implemented IP multicasts and utilized IP networks, which allowed for the delivery of 4Mb/s streams at a fraction of the cost of satellite broadcasts. A Web-based management system facilitated remote control and configuration of the system at all times.

Efi Dilmoni, vice president of technologies at Channel 10, said that the Optibase technology allowed his station to deliver two live channels at broadcast quality without two satellite links.

AVCOM, of the Netcom Group, performed the system design, integration and installation for the project.

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