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LED displays color Blue Man Group’s new Las Vegas venue

LED video displays and ribbon boards light up the stage and lobby of the Blue Man Group’s Venetian theater in Las Vegas.

LED video displays and ribbon boards light up the stage and lobby of the new theater designed for the Blue Man Group at The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. The onstage displays feature 4.4-trillion color capability and measure 8x15 with 10mm center-to-center pixel spacing.

The rectangular video display, provided by Daktronics, is hung in the center of the stage and may be flown up or down from out of sight to stage level. The company also provided the full-color, 277ft ribbon boards, which were custom built into five different tracer pipe shapes resembling printed circuit boards. The five displays are referred to collectively as the Matrix. Mounted on five staggered stage levels, the circuit board displays flank the large video display, three on one side and two on the other. The performers access the levels by running up the spiral staircase behind each platform. The ribbon boards feature 6mm pixel spacing.

The onstage displays are used as an integral part of the overall production design. When lit, they are used to convey videotext and images, and as a light source to backlight the performers and change the color and look of the set.

A 4x28 6mm video display in the lobby runs video clips of the performances and other Blue Man Group footage to attract people and inform patrons about the show and the group. A Daktronics VenusR 7000 controller and V-LinkR video processor operate the video display.

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