Keynote Sessions Set Agenda for IBC

IBC has planned a number of keynote sessions featuring significant leaders in the industry today, from traditional broadcasters to advertising giants including The Walt Disney Co., Samsung, BBC and Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide.

“The Keynote Sessions set the tone and agenda for our conference by establishing the key themes and hot topics, which are further explored throughout the programme,” said IBC Conference Chairman Michael Lumley, in a statemen


The panelists will deliver insight on the hottest topics, providing strategic overview and visionary opinion, sharing insight into their business experiences and pitfalls, as well as their vision and predictions. The lineup of keynote sessions include:

“The Rise and Rise of Broadcasting? The Next Chapter...” The predicted decline of broadcasting and the death of channels at the hands of the Internet have been proven wrong, so far. Across the developed world overall viewing is rising and pay TV, advertising-funded broadcasting and public service broadcasting are in robust health. But new competitive challenges are never far away—from connected TV to mobile and OTT operators such as Netflix. The panel, which features leaders at Discovery Networks International, The Walt Disney Co., Sky Deutschland AG and the BBC, will look at the “next chapter.”

“The New Advertising: How the Medium and the Message are Adapting to the New Digital World” Miles Young (Ogilvy & Mather) and John Kennedy (IBM) will focus on topics, technologies and award-winning creative assets that are at the forefront of digital, social and mobile innovation, and that are critical to the future success of both of their corporations. The pair will approach topics ranging from the evolving role of the CMO to the new world of “deep content,” illuminating for viewers the perspectives of both a top agency and top client on the future of marketing in a fast-changing world.

“Digital Media Connections: How Viewer Behaviour is Driving New Revenue” The digital broadcast market continues to evolve, creating a smörgåsbord of opportunities and challenges. The key players innovate, collaborate and look for entries into new market segments, while new entrants try to deliver better experiences for viewers, unfettered by legacy structures and systems. This session examines how this activity is affecting the business models of the industry. Will the major players continue to dominate? Those who back every horse with continual extensions of products and services potentially fracturing their infrastructures? Those whose power in certain segments enables them to drive forward onto anyone’s lawn they choose? Hear thoughts from leaders at Ericsson, BskyB, Numis Securities and YouView.

“The London 2012 Debriefing: Analysing the Summer Olympic Games�� Fresh from the games Roger Mosey, director of London 2012, BBC, will discuss the highs and lows, challenges and triumphs of broadcasting from the world's biggest sports event. Mosey will also discuss how changes in the industry will affect the games.

“In Conversation with... David Eun” Eum, formerly with Google and AOL, will elaborate on his role as executive vice president of global media and CEO advisor at Samsung Electronics, South Korea, as he leads Samsung’s plans to develop a global media strategy for their offering of digital TVs, displays, smartphones, tablets and other connected devices. The sessions will debate how realistic expectations are in terms of strategy, technology, delivery and finance, examining how the industry is expanding and converging over multiple services and how the myriad of technologies and opportunities can be married in a way that makes financial, technological and social sense.