KENS-TV turns to Sundance, Bti for emergency bulletins in automated environment

Controlling unscheduled on-air events in an automated environment has become a reality at KENS-TV, Belo’s CBS affiliate in San Antonio, TX.

Thanks to a technology alliance between Sundance Digital and software solution developer Business Technology (Bti), KENS has a communication protocol capable of controlling the on-air delivery of a variety of emergency bulletins and breaking news information.

Bti’s Emergency Alert Attendant – an automated process for instantly broadcasting emergency information, works in conjunction with Sundance Digital’s Titan Automation in KENS' master control. Titan controls a handful to many hundreds of channels in a facility.

Throughout the day, the station lets Bti’s Attendant Solutions system know when it is in and out of commercials. With that information, Bti’s system knows how and when to integrate just-received emergency information – whether it's a weather emergency or an Amber Alert - into program video.

It also allows the station to start, pause, resume and stop various Bti presentations, such as news, school closings and election tickers.

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