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Kansas City Museum exhibit combines sculpture with an LED display

The new exhibit uses a 6ft x 9ft Daktronics video display to show the sculpture in motion.

A large-screen LED display is an integral part of a newly unveiled outdoor exhibit in downtown Kansas City, MO. Created by contemporary artist Michael Rees, the sculpture and display are part of the permanent collection of the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art.

Rees uses 10mm, three-in-one surface-mount Daktronics LEDs positioned directly behind his sculpture to show dramatic animation of Putto 2x2x4, his 18ft figurative work of art. The exhibit is a part of Kemper Museum's efforts to place five works of contemporary sculptures in the downtown Kansas City area. DST Systems provided funds for the project.

The 6ft x 9ft video display shows Rees's creature in motion with a one minute, 48-second animation loop that he created with 3-D modeling software. The display operates with the Daktronics Venus 7000 control system and shows images in 4.4 trillion colors.

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