Jamaican stations automate election result reporting

Jamaican TV stations CVM and TVJ have selected Comprompter to provide their primary newsroom system for their election reporting.

The stations, located in the capital city of Kingston, will rely on Comprompter’s VoteMaster election results reporting software.

Working with the Electoral Office of Jamaica (EOJ) and the Mona Geoinformatics Institute at the University of the West Indies to develop a parliamentary-based election media reporting software and delivery mechanism, Comprompter provided the nation's first electronic vote gathering system.

The VoteMaster system will be used to gather, tabulate and display data from 60 constituencies (districts) within the 14 parishes (states). Jamaica's parliamentary system is modeled on the British legal and governmental system with Queen Elizabeth as the head of state and the prime minister as the head of government.

VoteMaster tracks the candidates' votes and the party they represent. It calculates the percentage of boxes (precincts) reporting, as well as the vote total and percentage of vote of each candidate. It then displays the number of seats each party has won. In a parliamentary election, the party with the greatest number of seats is the party that selects the next prime minister.

For more information, visit www.comprompter.com.