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Iraqi satellite network adds digital newsroom

Iraqi satellite network Alsumaria TV recently has added end-to-end digital newsroom capabilities to enable its staff to plan, produce and playout daily newscasts from a single user interface.

The new open architecture Dalet News Suite system integrates video and storage technology from Omneon, Adobe and NetApp.

The system gives the satellite network’s news staff control of scripts, rundown and pictures from a single screen. With the Dalet News Suite, the staff can monitor all of the elements of a newscast and use advanced timing controls to more closely control the duration of its shows.

Alsumaria TV is one of the first broadcasters in the Middle East to take advantage of an open digital newsroom system like Dalet News Suite. At Alsumaria TV, journalists use the Dalet News Suite to browse video feeds from Reuters and APTN straight from their desktops. They can make shot selections on the fly using Dalet Media Logger and put together simple packages using Dalet Media Cutter.

Selected shots can also be sent to third-party nonlinear editors, such as Adobe Premiere Pro for advanced editing. All media is stored centrally in native DV 25 resolution on a NetApp Network Attached System (NAS) appliance and accessed across a Gigabit Ethernet network.

Packages from the field can be directly ingested to the production NAS using Dalet Ingest for Firewire. As material is scheduled for newscasts, it is migrated from the NAS to the Omneon Spectrum media server playout server. In addition to production and playout, Dalet News Suite is used by journalists and producers to browse incoming wire feeds, write scripts and build rundowns.

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