IntelliMat introduces digital signage on the floor

The new application offered a ground-level innovation in the ActiveLight exhibit at this month’s Digital Retailing Expo in San Francisco
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IntelliMat's solution, shown here in the ActiveLight booth, provides dynamic digital signage in a 0.8in. thick floor mat.

IntelliMat took the floor – literally – at this month’s Digital Retailing Expo in San Francisco, with an innovative digital signage application encapsulated in a floor mat. The IntelliMat device, on display in ActiveLight’s booth, used a wireless connection to enable on-the-fly content changes.

The floor mat combines audio and visual output into a flexible signage display that can be repositioned at will in the retail environment. IntelliMat is suited for limited floor space and can be placed, for example, right in front of products being promoted by the signage.

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