Intel Viiv technology to enable home digital media center

The Intel Viiv technology PC platform, expected to be available in the first quarter of 2006, is designed to help manage digital entertainment in the home. Throughout next year, the number of verified content services and applications available will include verified consumer devices and networked media devices such as portable media players, digital media adapters, digital TVs, DVD players and routers.

Intel is providing the engineering support, specifications and verification tools to content owners, content distributors, portals, software application developers and device vendors to help deliver Internet–based content services and software applications that are tested and verified to work with an Intel Viiv technology-based PC.

Intel is working with movie, music, television, gaming and photo editing companies worldwide to offer downloads of their content to portable media devices, such as those from Creative and Dell that will also be verified to work with an Intel Viiv technology-based PC. More than 40 are already testing and verifying services and software applications to meet this objective.

In the second half of 2006, personal and premium content services, applications and devices will also work with software from Intel that enables content to be shared across a home network to Intel Viiv technology verified devices.

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