IEEE International Symposium on Broadband Multimedia Systems and Broadcasting 2006

This new IEEE industry-oriented symposium will bring together content originators and distributors, wireless service providers and technology developers and suppliers of equipment, systems, and consumer platforms focusing on research and development, applications and implementation of mobile and portable multimedia systems. Papers will address the technology in this emerging field. The symposium will run multiple session tracks. One session track will focus on industry and applications while a second track addresses research and development. The agenda includes:

  • General-interest plenary sessions
  • Keynote luncheon
  • Applications and implementation breakout sessions on spectrum and coverage planning; field trials; system and service planning; consumer platforms; and networks
  • Research and development breakout sessions on wireless networks; diversity and space-time coding; synchronization and equalization; video processing and adaptation; receiver RF design; video/audio coding and quality assessment; video compression; and digital radio, DTV, datacasting and interactive services
  • Thursday evening welcome reception
  • CTIA Wireless 2006 keynotes and exhibits.

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