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ActernaStand 8.314
DTS Product Line Enhancements

Acterna will introduce multicast analysis support capabilities to the DTS product line (DTS-330 and DTS-200), aimed at supporting providers deploying IP Video. Users can now turn their Acterna DTS test instrument into another digital video service receiving device (such as a STB) and test the digital video service as if at the customer premise.

The other DTS enhancement being unveiled is an MPEG-4 real time analysis product line, allowing customers to use the same test instrument to analyze, troubleshoot and monitor their entire network regardless of the variety of codecs being used.

AJA Stand 7.610

AJA will be showing five converters, several of which are AJA’s first audio converters: The HD10AM HD/SDI Dual Rate 8 Channel AES Audio Embedder/Disembedder; HD10AMA HD/SDI Dual Rate 4 Channel Analog Audio Embedder/Disembedder; ADA4 4-Channel Bi-directional A/D and D/A Converter; HDP4 HD-SDI/SDI to DVI-D and Audio Converter; and the D5PSW SDI/ASI Protection Switch.

Anton BauerStand 11.411
HyTron 140 & QBH-HD

The new HyTron 140 cell employs a special nickel metal hydride cell technology which provides a capacity improvement greater than 16% compared to the current HyTron 120. Capable of loads up to 12 amps, the new HyTron 140 is able to handle the high current demands of HD cameras fully dressed with the latest production accessories.

The new QBH-HD (Quad Battery Holder-HD) complements the new HyTron 140 as another essential tool for high definition and electronic film production. By providing dual voltage outputs of 14.4 and 28.8 volts simultaneously, it bridges the power gap between HD and film production equipment. The new QBH-HD features three 14.4 volt outputs and one 28.8 volt output, capable of handling loads up to 10 amps.

ChyronStand 3.341
Channel Box

Channel Box is designed for a wide variety of automated on-air applications such as channel branding, snypes, sophisticated in-program credit sequences and any live data-driven display.

Built on Chyron’s Lyric real-time character generator, Channel Box integrates advanced multi-channel video input, 3D DVEs with lighting, multi-track audio mixing, routing and audio clip player with an advanced “master control” switcher engine to streamline and automate live graphics production.

DielectricStand 5.319
7C/7P/7S Series 700-MHz Antennas & TFU-UT Antenna

Dielectric is introducing a full line of antennas designed for the 700-MHz spectrum. The 7C, 7P, and 7S Series 700-MHz Antennas include slotted coaxial antennas as well as panel antennas. All antennas in this line can be horizontally, vertically, or circularly polarized.

In the TFU-UT, the patented bow-tie slot turnstile is a low-power, economical broadband (470 to 860 MHz), UHF omni-directional antenna that features a simple-feed system and durable construction. Since each bow-tie slot represents two batwings in a turnstile configuration, the design eliminates feedlines, hardware, and radiators, as well as the need for a support mast. The antenna design also allows for dual inputs designed for single-channel operation or the simultaneous broadcast of two channels without the need for a separate combiner.

DNF ControlsStand 11.725
The Analyst Data Logging Option & ST304-EDIT-T Slow-Motion Controller

Making its European debut at IBC2005, The Analyst with Data Logging Option allows users to capture serial communication into a non-volatile log file for review and analysis. Data can be captured in both directions with a timestamp. With the Data Logging Option, it’s easy to upload log files from the tester to a PC for later review and analysis. The Analyst lets users isolate, identify, and resolve RS422 and RS232 interface problems quickly and easily.

For use in live sports and broadcasts, the ST304 Slow-Motion Controller with A/B Cuts Only Editing puts the user in control by providing fast, easy, reliable and precise control over a VTR, DDR, or video server. The ST304 is both a two-machine cuts editor and four-VTR slow motion controller.

New Playlist Playout and Router Control Modules for Flex Control Network will also be shown.

EdifisStand 3.149
The Finaliser

Edifis will showcase version 2.1 software for The Finaliser SD/HD color correction and formatting system. New effects capabilities include a motion tracker, lightsource/highlight generators, starbursts, texture/grain creation and enhancements to glows and flares. Core color correction additions include an additional Primary/ Secondary Grading Layer, Tertiary Grading on six layers and six new S-curve processors with independently adjustable split points in the black and white parts of the curve.

Ensemble Designs
Stand 2.115
7600 HD/SD Mux/Demux

For facilities that need to accommodate either HD or SD in a moment’s notice, Ensemble Design’s dual rate HD/SD mux/demux is now shipping. The Avenue 7600 also functions as an in-line audio processor, perfect for those times that one needs to make adjustments on audio that is already embedded. The 7600 module is part of the Avenue Signal Integration Series, a complete line of infrastructure equipment for broadcast.

Harris Corporation
Stand 8.291
H-Class Content Delivery Platform

Harris will showcase various applications of its new H-Class Content Delivery Platform. The platform provides broadcasters and content providers with the means to integrate disparate processes into a single, modular system that handles all content management and delivery enterprise-wide from creation to consumption.

In support of H-Class delivery platform, the company will demonstrate the integration of its H-Class Intelligent Transport application with its Invenio digital media asset management application. H-Class Intelligent Transport enables the delivery of digital rich media to devices such as set-top boxes and mobile devices. With Intelligent Transport, providers can recognize live and file-based video at the point of content contribution to the network and at the point of content distribution to multiple devices or destinations.

Marshall Electronics
Stand 9.251
TFT-MegaPixel Monitors
Marshall Electronics will show its new line of rack mount LCD monitor sets featuring TFT-MegaPixel displays. The monitors are available with 10.4 inch to 3.5 inch displays in two, three and four screen configurations. The line was developed with technology that delivers a totally digital image process onto screens with greater than twice the resolution of competitive models. Configurations are available with HDSDI, SDI, DVI, component and composite video inputs. All models feature screens calibrated to SMPTE/IBU standards for color gamut and color temperature.

MirandaStand 8.241
HD-Bridge Dec

Miranda’s new HD-Bridge Dec provides high-quality HDV to HD-SDI 1080i/720p conversion. This desktop interface features a built-in crossconverter for effortless conversion between 720p and 1080i. The interface accepts HDV via an IEEE-1394 connection, and provides dual HD-SDI outputs: one clean feed, plus one feed with time code and graticule markers. The unit also provides analog HD plus AES and analog audio outputs.

Miranda will also be introducing three new products to its Oxtel Series Imagestore range of HD/SD channel branding and master control switching processors.

NucommStand 10.436
ME6000 HD Encoder

New from Nucomm for IBC are the Newscaster VT2 OB/ENG Van Transmitter, ChannelMaster portable transmitter/receiver, CR6D Central Receiver and the CamPac wireless camera system. All of Nucomm’s new OB/ENG products feature integrated MPEG2/COFDM and are configurable in a variety of ways.

Omneon Video Networks
Stand 8.260
Omneon ProBrowse System

Omneon will introduce at IBC2005 a new system for creating and viewing low-resolution versions (proxies) of full-resolution material contained within an Omneon Spectrum system. The new Omneon ProBrowse System monitors content directories within an Omneon Spectrum server and automatically generates low-resolution versions of all material, including any new material being ingested or copied into the Omneon Spectrum system over FTP. The proxies are then immediately available for viewing by any networked PC using an MPEG1-based viewer, including Windows Media Player and QuickTime Player. The proxy files created by the Omneon ProBrowse System are also immediately available to any broadcast application such as automation systems, newsroom systems, and content management systems.

PESAStand 2.241
Cheetah 64NE and 64XE

PESA’s Cheetah 64NE and 64XE routing switchers make their European debut at IBC this year. The Cheetah 64NE offers a 64x64 routing matrix in a compact 4-RU, and is designed for facilities requiring a reliable system without the need for output options. The Cheetah 64XE is designed to provide broadcasters the flexibility to select between output options or output expansion up to 64x128 depending on individual requirements.

The new frames, which can be populated with either analog or digital cards, are compatible with all current standard input, matrix, and output cards. For added reliability, the Cheetah 64NE and 64XE both support redundant power supplies, frame controllers, and system controllers.

The Cheetah 64NE and 64XE frames support video and data signals HD-SDI, SDI, ASI, analog video, and AES/EBU from 3 Mbps to 1.5 Gbps with reclocking at both SD (SMPTE 259M) and HD-SDI (SMPTE 292M), as well as input EQ to 300M for SD and 100M for HD-SDI. Both frame types feature a bypass mode for every individual output to support non-standard data signals.

Pinnacle Systems
Stand 1.210
Deko 1000 & 3000 Hybrids

The Pinnacle Deko real-time broadcast graphics product family now has two hybrid models, both software-switchable between native SD (PAL/NTSC) operation and native HD (720p/1080i/1080p) operation. The Deko 1000/Hybrid provides sophisticated realtime, multi-layer text and graphics animation capabilities, while the Deko 3000/Hybrid expands this functionality with realtime 3D DVE effects and animations.

For automated edge graphics applications, the Pinnacle DekoCast Hybrid provides switchable native SD and HD graphics, video clips, audio clips and DVE effects for uses including on-screen SMS interactivity, channel branding, in-program promotions and advertising, credit sequences, weather and other data-driven alerts.

Pro-BelStand 3.151

The Procion software control platform contains major new features for the management of broadcast systems and media workflow and it allows customers to design their own user interfaces to suit individual requirements. Procion now supports router control, modular product monitoring and control, media management, automation and master control. Also on display is the new Procion web client that provides access to all the core system functionality through a standard web browser.

QuantelStand 7.220
Pay As You Go HD

Quantel is promising major announcements at IBC and will also be showcasing several products unveiled at NAB 2005, including Pay As You Go HD.

Pay As You Go HD on the eQ post production system gives customers not yet ready for full-time HD all the quality, and the ability to ‘pay as you go’ for HD on a project-by-project basis. Thus they win both ways—getting 100% of most powerful all-round post production platform on the planet for only 60% of the price, while only paying for HD input and output as it is needed.

Reidel Communications
Stand 10.131
Artist Intercom Systems & Control Panels
Riedel will introduce a new series of Artist frames that emphasize scalability and flexibility. Artist is a fiber-based, masterless digital matrix intercom platform for the distribution of analog and digital audio and TCP/IP data. The company’s next generation intercom platform allows all frame sizes to use the same type of controller and client cards significantly reducing expansion costs and the need for spare pooling. Other enhanced features include a speed boost via a doubled CPU clock, increased memory for complex, multi-node installations, a superior alarm signalisation, optimized thermal concept for quiet operation, compatibility with other Artist frames, and a flexible fiber option enabling the user to easily change from single to multi-mode, or high-power.

The new Artist 2000 and 3000 control panel series offer easily adjustable, wide-ranging control options for any intercom infrastructure. The 2000 LCD series fulfills all requirements of high-quality versatile and economical intercom control key-panels. The series is available in 19”/1RU and desktop versions. The Artist 3000 completes the Company’s control key-panel portfolio and offers a cost-effective solution with illuminated push-button color indicators and marker stripes for easy labeling of the keys.

Ross VideoStand 9.430
Synergy SD Switchers

Synergy SD Digital Production Switchers will be shown with new features for 2005 including: new effects, operational features, control capabilities, some hardware upgrades and support for the latest version of OverDrive. Highlights of the new hardware features include a new, more powerful control panel CPU, keyboard support and USB removable storage.

Synergy SD will also be shown integrated with the Miranda Kaleido-K2 at IBC. This is the result of a joint effort between Ross and Miranda and provides a tight real-time data interface to display vital switcher and source information on the Kaleido-K2 virtual monitor wall.

SonyStand 9.410
HD For Everyone

From entry level line-ups through to the ultimate in picture quality, Sony will be unveiling for the first time a number of new HD products and systems to add to its current portfolio.

Sony continues to bring new opportunities in workflow improvement to broadcast and production. Products displayed will include the XDCAM professional disc system camcorders and decks, through to networked production systems (SONAPS) and XPRI editing systems.

In addition, Sony showcases its most recent LMD series HD ready monitors and demonstrates how LCD technology can meet broadcast and professional video standards, as well having a lower cost of ownership than CRT.

Telecast FiberStand 10.428
Teleport CWDM Wavelength Manager

Telecast’s focus for IBC2005 will be on its new Teleport CWDM (coarse wavelength division multiplexing) wavelength manager. By integrating the Teleport, Telecast’s products will provide easy high-bandwidth multiplexing for as many as 32 digital signals on just two single-mode fibers. The Teleport also eliminates the need for wavelength-specific spares, since any transport device in the 1300-nm and 1550-nm wavelength windows can be plugged into any channel of the unit.

In addition, the CopperHead DV400 is making its European debut at IBC2005. The DV400 allows ENG crews to create SDI signals directly from Sony IMX, SX, and Digi Beta cameras, and then link those cameras to digital microwave and satellite trucks via tactical fiber optic cable.

TelestreamStand 7.831
FlipFactory HD & Launch

Telestream will be showcasing its FlipFactory HD which simplifies conversion of multiformat source media to HD formats. FlipFactory facilitates automated, file-based exchange between leading broadcast media servers and production systems. Now, FlipFactory HD solves the same challenge for HD workflows.

Launch, Telestream’s new personal media delivery software application provides videographers and journalists with a flexible, secure solution for transcoding and transmitting news cuts or other edited material from Mac or PC-based nonlinear editing systems over any standard or wireless IP network. By combining Launch with FlipFactory, Telestream provides a fully automated, file-based ingest solution from field digital acquisition and editing tools to station newsroom systems and on-air servers.