IBC Conference Day One: Broadcast, IP & the Future

Each day of the IBC Conference has a different theme. Day One, Thursday 11 September, is themed ‘Taking the Pulse. Where does broadcast fit in an IP-centric world?,’ and will look at the ongoing relationship between broadcast and IP.

‘Relationship’ is a neutral word to describe a situation that has been described by words such as ‘collision,’ ‘merger,’ or ‘transition.’ What will the reality of the next few years be?

This broadcast/IP interaction has impacts across the creation, management and distribution of content, and Thursday’s sessions will examine where we are in the process while considering the all-important issue of spectrum allocation. Also set for discussion are new opportunities for monetisation, with targeted ads and real-time bidding systems opening up. Sessions also look at innovations in news production, and consider the future of rolling news channels.

While rumours of television's demise have proved to be exaggerated, the industry clearly faces new opportunities and challenges in an era of online distribution and on-demand consumption. The keynote for Day One will take place from 9:00 till 10:30, and the three panellists and chair will present their unique perspectives.

Day One’s chair is Ray Snoddy, a freelance journalist who presented the BBC Television accountability programme Newswatch for eight years from 2004 and also writes regularly for a variety of publications. He has also presented television series on the media, Hard News on Channel 4 and Media Monthly on Sky News.

Speakers include David Abraham, who became Channel 4’s sixth Chief Executive in 2010. His focus has been on innovation, independence, creative renewal and preparing Channel 4 for the growth of connected television. Since the launch of the data strategy, over 10 million viewers have registered and, in partnership with UKTV and BT Sport, Channel 4 Sales House achieved a historic high of over £1.03 billion in revenue in 2013.

Another speaker is Bruce Tuchman, President of Sundance Channel Global and MGM Channel Global. Tuchman leads the strategic distribution, programming and marketing of Sundance Channel, currently distributed in Europe, Latin America and Canada, and MGM Channel, which is programmed and distributed in multiple languages and reaches over 130 countries and territories. Additionally, he serves as the head of AMC Networks – Asia Pacific, leading the programming and marketing for the channels in that region. He was appointed to his current position in 2014, having previously served as president of Sundance Channel Global since 2011.

From the vendor side Charlie Vogt, CEO of Imagine Communications & Gates Air, will present. Vogt previously served as CEO of GENBAND, a global leader in IP networking solutions, and his interesting perspective can best be seen in this recently posted Q&A.

Mark Hallinger