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IAC and Barry Diller set Aereo for live mobile TV

New York City-based IAC announced this week a big move that could finally propel adoption in the United States of live mobile-TV broadcasts. IAC Chairman Barry Diller announced Aereo, an Internet television service that is poised to be an alternate option for mass consumption. Aereo has received more than $20 million in funding from investors such as First Round Capital, Highland Capital Partners and FirstMark Capital. The company actually got its start in 2011 and was called Bamboom Labs, with offices in Long Island, NY, as well as Boston.

IAC is no stranger to content creators, and is already at the helm of companies such as Newsweek, The Daily Beast, and The goal with Aereo is to become the premier source for network television on mobile devices. This means users can watch network programming from NBC, FOX, ABC and CBS for a flat-rate monthly subscription of $12. Also included are local broadcasters, and notably absent are cable and satellite channels. For now, the focus is clearly on network programming and local affiliates.

The subscription fee covers live TV to your digital devices, such as smartphones, tablets and computers. The service also includes an Internet-based DVR, which allows programs to be recorded and played back. Although various providers have offered on-demand shows and special broadcasts (such as major sporting events), this service intends to be on 24/7 and be the network live TV you can carry around in your pocket. The service is rolling out slowly and is currently invite only, and just in the New York area.

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