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How broadcasters of different sizes rank technology vendors for quality

This is the fourth in a series of articles about findings from the 2009 Big Broadcast Survey (BBS)* that shows how a global sample of more than 1000 broadcasters of different sizes ranked broadcast technology vendors on a variety of metrics.

Previously, I’ve discussed how broadcasters of different sizes ranked broadcast technology vendors for innovation, reliability and great customer service. Now, I am going to look at how this group ranked vendors for “quality.”

The accompanying table shows the Top 5 brands in the broadcast technology vendor league table for quality, as ranked by broadcasters, broken down by organization size. For the sake of comparison, I have also provided the global ranking (responses of more than 4000 respondents from all organization types) as well as the ranking for all broadcasters (regardless of size or location).

Please note that in all cases, these brands are shown in alphabetical order, NOT in the order of their ranking in the study

There are a total of eight vendors in this list. This makes quality the most concentrated and least varied of the metrics I’ve explored.

To see the full article, including an analysis of the findings, click here.