Skip to main content relaunches extreme sports channel over broadband, a broadband extreme sports channel, relaunched this month with a new technological underpinning from Narrowstep.

For two years, has streamed 24/7 coverage of extreme sports, such as surfing and snowboarding, over the Internet. In that time, it has built a loyal following worldwide.

The centerpiece of the relaunch is a new player. Eighteen-months in the making, the player delivers an enhanced viewing experience and offers increased functionality and VCR-like controls, including fast-forward, rewind and mute. The player also lets viewers minimize the viewers as with any conventional media player.

Other new features include:

  • Local time display — TV schedules and live events now shown in your local time;
  • Network performance (QoS) indicator — intelligent analysis of how the video stream is being delivered to the viewer;
  • DVD "chapter" view lets you see each part within a program;
  • New sophisticated look .

Narrowstep specializes in delivering TV on the Internet. It focuses on a narrowcasting business model and offers TV Station in a Box, a platform for managing, organizing, scheduling, playout and commercialization of video content.

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