Helius and Agency 225 to produce kiosks, training and retail digital signage content

Helius and Agency 225 will collaborate to offer full-service digital signage solutions for retail, corporate kiosk and employee training applications. This partnership will act as an impetus to provide more open channels of visual communication between companies and consumers as well as offering unique avenues of training for employees.

Helius provides business class data broadcasting solutions through secure delivery of broadband IP over satellites and local area networks. Helius products serve as the communications bridge between satellite transmission and terrestrial integration of business-critical data.

Agency 225 has delivered digital signage content since 1991. The company has consulted with Blockbuster Entertainment Network, Ford, HCX Salons, Advanced Auto Parts, Movie Gallery, and Nicorette's NASCAR exhibit among others.

For more information, visit www.helius.com and www.agency225.com.