Grass Valley expands Kayak switcher for mixed SD, HD world

The Grass Valley family of Kayak HD switchers has been expanded to meet a variety of multiformat SD and HD production requirements.

It also announced a new Kayak SD switcher that can be easily upgraded to multiformat SD/HD production with a software upgrade. The new switchers are targeted at broadcasters and production professionals preparing for their HD future as they continue to work with SD technologies today.

The company also announced the MatchDef option that provides a series of internal video input scalars. This capability allows users to work in today's transitional world of mixed formats while creating a consistent look for their productions. The MatchDef option gives Kayak HD and Kayak SD operators the ability to seamlessly insert SD sources into an HD production, HD sources into an SD production, and/or to cross-match dissimilar HD formats into either an HD or an SD project.

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