Gefen employs CAT-5 cables to extend HD video displays

New HDTV/DVI CAT-5 extenders from Gefen send digital audio and high-definition video up to 55 meters over two CAT-5 cables.

The extenders are available in two models: Digital visual interface (DVI) and high definition multimedia interface (HDMI). DVI, often a preferred format for professional audio/video applications, transmits high-resolution, uncompressed digital video data from source to display. HDMI, geared towards the consumer market, transmits high resolution, uncompressed digital video and multichannel digital audio from source to display. When used with computer systems, DDC control signals are sent in addition to HDTV video on their own dedicated CAT-5 cable.

The HDTV/DVI CAT-5 extender is high-bandwidth digital content protection (HDCP) –compliant.

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