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Furman Sound to introduce power conditioning products at NAB2005

Exhibiting at the Utah Scientific booth at NAB2005, Furman Sound will demonstrate a range of products at the show.

Both the P-8 Pro and PL-8 Pro Series II power conditioners units offer AC line noise filtering and protection in 1RU. The P-8 Pro Series II is a 1RU, 20-amp power conditioner that includes the company’s Series Multi-Stage Protection Plus (SMP+) filtration and protection circuitry. The PL-8 Pro Series II adds Furman's pull out light tubes with long-lasting LED lamps for front rack illumination.

The 15-amp AR-15 voltage regulator/power conditioner delivers a stable 120V of AC power to protect equipment from problems caused by sags, brownouts, or over-voltages. It accepts any input voltage from 97V to 141V and transforms it to a constant 120V (±5 V).

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