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FreshDirect videos play on 5850sq ft LED screen

FreshDirect’s display is located by the Midtown Tunnel in New York City.

New York City is renowned for bigger, splashier endeavors. Digital signage seems to be no different than many other industries in that companies are using New York as the launching point for bigger and brighter signs — many of them located on Broadway around Manhattan’s Times Square.

Online grocer FreshDirect is the latest to launch a mammoth digital display in a New York City location — but this time, it’s off-Broadway. Located next to the Queens Midtown Tunnel and one of the major arteries into Manhattan, FreshDirect has commissioned a 5850sq ft LED display that shows full-color video promotional information. Images are transmitted at 600Mb/s via fiber optic cable from FreshDirect's headquarters in Long Island City, NY. The display produces over 8000nits, providing high visibility in the daytime as well as at night.

Opticomm, the provider of the fiber optic solutions that serve as the foundation of this display, has provided a modified DVX-5000 model that conforms to the SMPTE 259m standards for uncompressed SDI. It normally supports data rates from 143- to 540Mb/s with transmission ranges up to 40km. Opticomm has met FreshDirect's special requirements by customizing the DVX-5000 to send signals at data rates of 600Mb/s.

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