FOX Sports turns to Vyvx VenueNet for Super Bowl backhaul

SD and HD video feeds were delivered from ALLTEL Stadium in Jacksonville, FL, to the FOX Network Center in Los Angeles via an MPLS-based fiber transport infrastructure.
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Vyvx provided live broadcast backhaul for Super Bowl XXXIX from Jacksonville, FL, last Sunday, marking the 16th consecutive time the company has delivered such services for the event.

In 1990, Vyvx delivered the first live video backhaul over a fiber-optic network when it provided services for Super Bowl XXIV in New Orleans. In Jacksonville, the company delivered live SD and HD video feeds of FOX Sports' production of the championship game.

Using its HD VenueNet service, Vyvx delivered FOX Sports' 720p HDTV feeds of the Super Bowl from ALLTEL Stadium to the FOX Network Center in Los Angeles with an MPLS-based fiber transport infrastructure capable of supporting HDTV signals up to 270Mb/s.

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