Four companies enter digital signage alliance

Miller Zell has entered into an alliance with Digital Display & Communication, NEC and 3M as it launched its MZ In-Store Digital Media aimed at retailers and consumer products companies.

The four companies will deliver one-stop shopping for a range of turnkey, retail digital signage solutions. They include display equipment, digital integration, content production and digital ad sales. Miller Zell's retail merchandising strategy, design, graphics, fixture production and full-program implementation capabilities are part of this package.

The partnering companies are supporting retail-level digital programs, including a networked system in Future Shop (Best Buy) stores in Canada; a customer communication system in SunTrust Bank branches; a 26-channel interactive system in HSBC's flagship bank branch in New York; and a new showroom messaging system in Mohawk flooring dealers throughout the United States.

NEC provides LCD display screens and fully integrated digital signage display systems common in in-store digital communication and signage programs.

Toronto-based Digital Display & Communication will lead the development of digital programming and content management with its experience in digital merchandising systems and experience with digital signage network companies in North America.

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