Fast Forward Video ships a portable DVR

Fast Forward Video has begun shipping its NDT-200 portable DVR, a drop-in replacement for tape-based recording devices. The device enables recording onto a serial ATA 2.5in removable hard drive.

Features include a touch-pad user interface and large push-button controls. All functions can be controlled via the touch pad, soft buttons and LCD panel on top of the unit, or from an external PC or VTR controller. Video clips can be recorded in QuickTime format for playback on a PC or Mac, or as FFV secure video files. They then can be downloaded to PC or Mac systems via the onboard USB 2.0 port or through the removal and insertion of the hard drive into a suitably equipped PC or Mac.

The NDT-200's standard features include selectable compression ratios (from 4:1 to 30:1), dual-channel audio, character displays, jog scan and scrub features, as well as analog composite and S-Video (Y/C) inputs and outputs.

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