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Category New studio technology
— network Submitted by AZCAR Design teamAZCAR: Bruce Long,
sr. VP, business
implementation; Doug
Waldron, installation
super.; Matthew Brown,
proj. mgr.; Tom Ferguson,
proj. eng.
EchoStar: Brent Gale, VP,
oper. and regional oper.
group; Jeff McSchooler,
VP, eng. and eng. and
oper. team; Paul Bellotti,
dir., architecture and
architectural and design
group Technology at work Confidential

EchoStar delivers regional content with uplink project

To meet the demand for both SD and HD local-in-local channels for its DISH Network customers, Echo- Star set out a plan to significantly expand its channel carrying capacity. After considering several traditional approaches, the design team devised an approach that uses four regional uplink centers strategically located across the country. This new design was based on the idea of delivering regional content only to the regions where it was required by leveraging the spot beam capability of EchoStar’s latest satellite, Echo Ten.

The EchoStar design team focused on developing the new uplink centers to be operated as cost effectively as possible. By making broad use of IT network-based remote monitoring technologies, EchoStar monitors all of the regional uplink signals at its primary facilities in Cheyenne, WY, and Gilbert, AZ. The new regional uplinks significantly increase the number of SD and HD local-in-local channels EchoStar is capable of delivering to its customers while providing a fl exible and cost-effective new platform for future growth.

The company selected AZCAR to provide system integration services for the build out of the four facilities in Spokane, WA; Monee, IL; Mount Jackson, VA; and New Braunfels, TX. The systems integrator provided project management, engineering support, CAD, prebuild, installation and commissioning services for all uplink sites. Multiple installation teams were deployed for the simultaneous builds of several sites led by a core management team. Although identical, each site had its own set of variables to manage.

The integrator provided engineering support in developing the new buildings’ room layouts, completion of the detailed design and generation of the construction level drawing sets. Once approved, implementation teams immediately began building cable assemblies for installation at each site. Where possible, the install teams also pre-built and pre-tested system racks while the new building sites were under physical construction. A site supervisor for each location managed the local coordination between the building trades and the install teams. Install crews, materials, pre-built racks and cable assemblies were strategically timed to arrive on-site just as they were required. As the on-site installation neared completion, AZCAR’s commissioning engineers began testing the new facility infrastructure, making any adjustments and changes required to ensure the new facilities were ready for fi nal engineering setup and testing.

Completed both on time and on budget, each of the new regional uplink facilities is a success, providing EchoStar with a fl exible and scaleable platform from which to deliver new and innovative consumer and commercial media services.