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EVS C-Cast Xplore provides remote access to live server content

EVS’ new browsing interface, C-Cast Xplore, gives broadcasters, producers and editors access to the live multi-camera recording feeds and clips on an XT server from remote sport centers. This allows them to review, create clips, and select content that was previously inaccessible. C-Cast Xplore is a web-based interface and is fully integrated with EVS’ C-Cast infrastructure to provide remote access to content recorded from the live venue on the XT servers. It offers significant cost savings by reducing the number of people necessary on the shoot without compromising on quality.

C-Cast connectivity allows C-Cast Xplore users to review live server content as it is recorded and selects clips shot from any camera angle. This material can then be transferred in HD by the production team back at the studio for archive, post-production or to enhance the live production.

C-Cast Xplore offers the fastest remote production solution available – combining cutting-edge IT infrastructure with the most reliable EVS live broadcast systems.