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Entone reduces installation costs with IP video gateway device

Entone’s Hydra IP Video Gateway allows IPTV video providers to install systems in consumers’ homes for a fraction of the cost of traditional cable systems, using the same coaxial lines.

Entone Technologies has launched its Hydra IP video gateway. The system decodes up to three video streams throughout a home using existing coaxial wiring.

The Hydra is a multi-television IP video gateway that leverages patent-pending technologies to enable support for up to three simultaneous television streams and broadband Internet access over existing residential coaxial cabling.

The Hydra can be shared by up to six televisions with any three of them receiving independent, simultaneous video streams. Video delivery within the home takes place over existing coaxial cabling, eliminating the need for extensive new Ethernet wiring required by traditional IP set-top boxes.

Hydra includes a convenient, front-load smartcard slot for conditional access and electronic commerce applications. Optional Macrovision technology, featuring anti-taping support is available.

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