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Eight-Channel UHD Satellite Server Demonstrated

MaxLinear and STMicroelectronics are demonstrating a UHDTV satellite server in STM's booth at Broadcast Asia in Singapore this week. The server uses the MaxLinear MxL582 "Full-Spectrum Capture" (FSC) satellite receiver and the STiH412 system-on-chip (SoC) from ST for back-end decoding and video processing.

The MxL582 is able to capture the entire satellite RF spectrum and provides up to eight different DVB-S/S2 transport stream outputs. The MxL5x2 SoC multichannel receivers support extended L-band (XL-Band) input at frequencies from 250 MHz to 2350 MHz.

The STiH412 supports HEVC/H.265 multichannel decode, UHD displays, multichannel recording to an internal or external hard drive, video-on-demand (VOD) and real-time transcoding of up to three streams and state-of-the-art HD graphics. This ST Cannes/Monaco SoC design is based on dual-core ARM processors with Mali GPU, integrated hardware Faroudja multimedia subsystem with HEVC video decoder, a high-performance video encoder, and high-quality video pre- and post-processing.

"The combined system solution with MaxLinear front-end and ST back-end provides a very compelling value proposition in terms of power, performance and price," said Brian Sprague, MaxLinear's vice president and general manager. "This platform provides our customers with a cutting-edge solution to address the growing demand for 4K home media STB / servers and multi-channel streaming throughout the home."

For background information on MaxLinear's satellite receiver chips see my CES 2014 article MaxLinear Unveils 'Full Spectrum Capture' Satellite Receiver Chips at CES 2014.