Easylook laptop video recorder incorporates Recon DVR from FFV

The new Recon DVR from Fast Forward Video (FFV) has been chosen for Rugerent OHG’s Easylook VideoAssist laptop video recorder designed for the film industry.

Measuring only 8.3in x 11.8in, Rugerent’s Easylook VideoAssist is designed as a professional replacement for video-combos and clamshells on feature film location work. Using FFV’s Recon, the Easylook displays video at resolutions of 720 x 480 pixels, with an aspect ratio of 4:3 or 16:9, and an audio sampling rate of 48kHz. Easylook is made of alloy, which allows it to hold up against rain and dust during outdoor filming, and is handheld, complete with an integrated 7in TFT monitor.

For more information, visit www.ffv.com/Documents/Recon_002.pdf.