DVnor Builds File-based Facility Around AmberFin

BASINGSTOKE, ENGLAND – Norway-based DVnor, has announced the completion of an infrastructure expansion project with digital file-based workflows based on AmberFin iCR. Established in 2005 as a mastering facility to support the production of physical media such as DVD and Blu-ray in the local Norwegian market, DVnor’s adoption of file-based workflows enables the media facility to efficiently create file-based masters. These masters are subsequently transcoded into a number of formats to service Scandinavian customers such as iTunes, Netflix and IPTV VOD service providers.

On this project, AmberFin has worked closely with its regional channel partner, Danmon Norge.

In focussing its operations on AmberFin iCR, DVnor’s intention was to create a file-based workflow where media ingest, transcoding, QC and storage workflow routines were fast, easy and efficient. The workflow is designed to support both file- and tape-based media formats. A key driver influencing the adoption of AmberFin iCR is its ability to operate as an integrated all-in-one ingest, transcode and QC solution with the option of operating each element individually. DVNor was impressed by AmberFin's continuous development programme, ensuring that new formats and codecs are constantly added to the platform. As a result, DVNor is able to create a digital master file and then transcode, QC and store at least 30 different format variants of that file.