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Dogan Media Group first in Turkey to adopt EBU R128 standard

Annoyingly intrusive television commercials led to the CALM act here in the states, but Europeans, bothered in a similar fashion, have increasingly adopted the EBU R128 standard in an effort to curb fluctuating audio levels.

Dogan Media Group recently became the first Turkish broadcaster to adopt the EBU R128 standard.

Jünger Audio, the German company that designs and manufacturers digital audio dynamics processors, provided the DMG with three D*AP LM4 four-channel Digital Audio Processors to help tame unwanted spikes in audio levels. The ability to maintain consistently high audio quality while performing level reduction was a critical component in DMG’s purchasing decision, accorting to Timu Kul. Mr. Kul is Technical Director of Kanal D, one of three television stations owned by DMG that now own D*AP units.

“The loudness solution we chose had to be transparent so that our channels continued to sound like we wanted them to sound and were not colored by the sound of the units,” he explains. “Jünger Audio’s solution was able to do this admirably as the processors do not play with the character of the audio. We love the results we get with them.”

Dogan Media Group’s decision to embrace loudness control is one that other Turkish broadcasters are likely to follow, says Sarp Yelkencioglu, Managing Director of Radikal Elektronik.

“We are noticing more interest in audio quality, and in loudness control solutions that can balance a station’s sound,” Yelkencioglu says. “Although there is currently no legal precedent for Turkish broadcasters to adopt EBU R128, there is a commercial incentive as it does make stations sound better, which improves the enjoyment for audiences.”

To learn more about the D*AP LM4 and the complete Jünger Audio line, visit the company’s website.