DMB places news in the palm of South Koreans’ hands

SK Telecom’s TU Media has launched a Digital Multimedia Broadcasting system that lets customers with special cell phones tune into news and other video offerings delivered via satellite
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Television news, sports and weather took a big leap forward in South Korea this month with the launch of a trial run by SK Telecom’s TU Media unit of the nation’s satellite-delivered Digital Multimedia Broadcasting system (DMB).

The trial, which began Jan. 10, delivers three video and six audio channels to TU Media customers using the Samsung Electronics SCH-B100 cell phone. Customers will receive the service for free until the end of the trial in May.

Television news, sports and weather reports will be available as part of the new service from Yonhap Television News. The other two video channels will be used for entertainment and music delivery.

To cover areas with poor or no satellite reception, SK Telecom has installed nearly 5000 repeaters.

In May, TU Media plans to make the DMB offering a commercial service and expand its channel offerings to 14 video and 24 audio.

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