DISHing the Apps

ENGLEWOOD, COLO.: Satellite TV mainstay DISH Network has added to its apps quiver with a new DVR remote control app designed specifically for the Apple iPad.

Today’s app announcement did not include support for live viewing via an iOS/BlackBerry/Android app, a rumor reported by the Associated Press yesterday, Aug. 4. The DISH Remote Access iPad app allows users to control their televisions and manage programming remotely.

Similar to previous apps for the iPod touch and iPhone, DISH Remote Access is free. It is a full-featured remote operation app compatible with most DISH SD and HD DVR receivers. The DISH Remote Access app for the iPad will schedule recordings (even with multiple DVRs), control recording priorities, manage DVR libraries, resolve recording conflicts, delete programs and more.

It will also turn an iPad into a standard remote control and allow for channel changing, DVR playback operation and similar duties.

Vivek Khemka, vice president of Customer Technology for DISH Network said, “At DISH Network, we are excited about the potential of tablet computers, like the Apple iPad, to enhance the TV viewing experience and enable consumers to remain connected to their TVs anywhere.”

The rumored live viewing app would use additional in-home hardware, the Sling Media SlingBox was specifically mentioned, to bounce DISH programming from the home to the mobile app.