Decoder purchases by cable operators on the rise

In the evolving world of cable television, major cable operators have more and more parts to inventory. Behind-the-scenes technology that viewers do not see is becoming an economy of itself.

Cable operators are spending more on splicers, ad insertion equipment and decoders. Scopus Video Networks has seen an uptick in these types of purchases. The company cited a recent purchase by a major U.S. multi-service operator of its UID-2912 Dense Edge Decoder to be part of the cable operator’s comprehensive digital simulcast architecture.

The cable operator certified the Scopus UID-2912 Dense Edge Decoder for deployment following a number of months of rigorous testing and is expected to install these decoders in key markets in the coming weeks. This order follows the company's recent announcement that another leading US cable operator selected Scopus to deliver its IVG-7500 Intelligent Video Splicer for digital ad insertion.

The company did not name either operator.

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