Danish military network to produce program on new studio system

Danish Armed Forces broadcast network FMC is making changes within its infrastructure in preparation for its half-hour defense program “Forsvaret.dk.” FMC recently relocated to Holmen, Denmark, where it is building a new production studio. MCI Videotronic of Denmark will provide studio and systems integration.

FMC’s current military programming reaches between 50 to 55 percent of Danish viewers via the terrestrial network DK4, which can also be seen on local cable outlets and on an internal military network.

The network has begun using the Slate 1000 studio system from Broadcast Pix, which merges a switcher with a computer card. Slate systems feature a built-in Inscriber TitleMotion Pro CG, clip store, still store and monitoring system. The computer display provides full motion monitoring of program and preview, as well as all cameras, so separate video monitors are no longer needed but can still be added. The Slate 1000 can mix up to six digital and analog live video inputs with five graphic sources and two clip channels.

The FMC system includes additional inputs to accommodate a six-camera production setup, and also includes clip store and tally control options.

For more information, please visit www.broadcastpix.com/products/Slate1000.htm.