da Vinci’s improves digital mastering suite with SGI shared file system

da Vinci and SGI have completed qualification testing of SGI InfiniteStorage Shared Filesystem CXFS on a SAN with da Vinci Systems' Resolve digital mastering suite. Designed to process extremely large files, such as those used in DI processes, Resolve delivers workflow flexibility and performance fully realized with a high-performance network.

The recently completed testing shows that SGI CXFS Filesystem enables Resolve to run two streams of 2K data simultaneously in real time over a SAN. SANs can be configured with CXFS to provide enough bandwidth to satisfy the needs of multiple Resolve systems as well as other editing, compositing and creative tools in a facility.

CXFS enables multiple computers running different operating systems to directly access a single shared 64-bit file system within a SAN, allowing all systems in the environment to access the same file simultaneously at local or near-local disk speeds. CXFS improves data workflow by providing the performance and scalability of a SAN with the file sharing and connectivity of network-attached storage, addressing two fundamental challenges in data management: fast access to information and integration of multiple operating systems.

Resolve is da Vinci's digital mastering suite, featuring da Vinci's image enhancement expertise and familiar interface packaged with nonlinear conforming tools. It is designed specifically for the DI postproduction environment and utilizes a nonlinear approach that allows flexibility and speed while leveraging the da Vinci's toolset.

For more information visit www.davsys.com and www.sgi.com.

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