Custom Consoles releases new media wall

The Media Wall features height-adjustable horizontal beams for storage of equipment of a variety of sizes.

Custom Consoles will be releasing its new Media Wall in May. Its next iteration of this product line is designed to accommodate large or small arrays of flat-panel monitors and ancillary equipment. Media Wall incorporates height-adjustable horizontal beams suspended between 2000mm high silver-anodized aluminum supports.

The beams are available in 1500-, 2000- and 2500mm widths and are structured to allow easy attachment of large and small panels using pivoting VESA and plasma-mount fittings.

A horizontal cable duct beneath each monitor mounting beam routes to a vertical coil, enabling easy and expandable housing of power and video wiring. Equipment pods with 19in racking behind removable vented panels can be accommodated at floor-level.

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