CSS Studios turns to Argosy Console

Do you toil in anonymity, secreted away from both clients and talent? If so, you’re probably not worried about that mounting pile of empty cups in the waste paper basket or the visual appeal of your workstation.

CSS Studios, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Discovery Communications, Inc., puts the quality of its technical services before all other considerations, but atmosphere and esthetics are important as well. CSS recently outfitted the voiceover recording studio at its new Soundelux Design Music Group (DMG) facility on L.A.’s Westside with technical furnishings from Argosy Console, Inc.

The company purchased an Argosy Mirage model NC24 console to slip its Avid C|24 Pro Tools control surface into. CSS also installed a Mirage C240 Producer’s Desk in DMB. CSS has Argosy consoles on three of the company’s television stations. Ease of installation is a factor, according to Bill Johnston, Senior Vice President of Engineering for CSS Studios.

“For many of our other facilities, we customize our technical furniture,” says Johnston. “We have Argosy consoles on three television stages that are configured for two Avid ICON D-Command surfaces, and we have two ADR stages that are configured for one D-Command, and every single one of those Argosy consoles is custom.”

Although Argosy stresses the product line’s ease of installation, the company offers on-site installation visits as an optional add on. Take a look at Argosy’s complete line by visiting their website, www.argosyconsole.com.