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Cresta Technology launches global TV technology at CES

Cresta Technology introduced the concept of the global SmartTV at CES, offering the latest consumer features, reducing system costs and improving profitability for TV manufacturers using universal receiver technology.

“As televisions are becoming more like other connected consumer devices, the race has moved to the introduction of smart features and cloud services, an intuitive UI and Internet connectivity,” said George Haber, CEO of CrestaTech. “Now is also the time for TV manufacturers to re-think TV design and engineer universal TV platforms that can be used in all regions.”

The television is becoming more interactive, bringing consumer focus back into the living room. But manufacturers are challenged with creating an easy-to-use product that is globally capable, not regionally constrained.

Haber added, “Single-function entertainment hardware, like broadcast TV, set-top boxes, IPTVs, DVRs and PVRs, are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Today’s television design needs to leverage the same advanced multi-core application processors and dynamic OS technology found in smart devices today to capture consumer attention.”

The CrestaTech technology portfolio provides patented smart tuner architecture, which addresses the needs of the global, universal TV with RF performance, analog TV demodulation and digital TV reception.

The portfolio integrates Xceive multi-standard silicon RF tuners and CrestaTV software-defined technology, which now brings highly programmable software-based multi-standard demodulation capability to many television brands.